Do you take this man?

wedding rings his and hersDear Paul,

Today, after more than 8 years together, we’re going to tie the knot and get married. Possibly the most important day of our lives apart from the birth of our beautiful twins who have brought us so much joy since their arrival.

I won’t have a speech today, that’s left to the blokes and I’m happy for that but this is my space and this is where I want you to be able to look and hear how much I love you and how I am so looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

I love the way you can read me; you know when I’m sad, worried and can tell immediately when something is not right. This is a rare quality in a person and your insight has always taken my breath away, you are always cunningly spot on and I love you for it as it allows me to talk rather than bury my thoughts.

For better and for worse

Life’s a funny old thing, one minute you’re riding a wave and enjoying the good life and the next, times are hard, money is hard come by and we have to go without the nice treats that add sparkle to life. This we have experienced, having gone from two wages and enjoying holidays in the states to one wage and a SAHM with twins. We’ve had to step back on a lot of extras but we’ve always had each other. I love our complicity, how we make the best of a situation and get on with it. I’m looking forward to being with you and enjoying the important things in life, our families and there’s an awful lot of us!

In sickness and in health

Both you and I are blessed with good health but we have both seen how fate can come down like a ton of bricks and take dear ones from you when it’s least expected. Having seen this happen I want you to know that nothing in this whole world is more important to me than you, my children and now my grandchildren too.

Thank you for allowing me to get over to Italy and see my Tom, my Meg and their families. You know how much I adore them and miss them.

Until death do us part

I thank you Paul for staying by my side, even when I made mistakes that cost you dearly. I thank you for listening to me and supporting me and I thank you for loving me with that enormous heart of yours.

I want you to know that I think you are the best father, the best partner and now husband I could have ever hoped for, I hope life is kind to us and we get many, many happy years to enjoy together.

I love you Paul and in you I have found my soul mate, here’s to the rest of our lives


Marianne xxx

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