Since buying the caravan last August Other Half’s next purchase seems to be focused on a new car to pull it. Currently the car we have manages but we’ve had it a few years now and we both know that a stronger car would tow much better, therefore consume less and of course OH would have a brand new toy to play with.

I was very interested to see the new Kia campaign which is based on genuine car owner reviews, after all there’s nothing more comforting that reading a review from someone who already owns the product plus if there are more reviews it widens your choices even further giving you great insight to how others are getting on with the car.

Which?, the UK’s leading consumer association has named Kia Car Manufacturer of the Year 2012 thanks to this open and honest move of theirs and by teaming up with Reevoo Kia help to simplify the car buying process.

The Sedona model won tow car of the year from the Caravan Club and can tow up to 2000 kgs and there are plenty of other options to choose from. Personally I’m loving the look of the Sorento, it has that chunky sporty feel whilst being sleek and gets 44.1 mpg making that a cost of 59.66 pence per mile.

Or the Sportage model could be an option for us. It has rain sensing front wipers (I’ve never had those before) and also comes equipped with Kia’s Stop and Go Technology which I would love to find out what that’s all about.

Yep, I’m definitley with Other Half on this idea and I think I may have to put in some useful contributions to his choice of motor, Kia is way up on the list of my preferences.

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