Our very pink and princess phase

Build a bear shop, disney Princess

The thing with little people is when they discover something they like, they do nothing but play that game for EVER. We are going through the PINK and PRINCESS phase of life; many colours will not even be considered and can cause great arguments, I have taken to selling green to them as Tinkerbell green and blue has become Cinderella blue as sky blue just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you, like me, have a princess on your hands – and I have two – then Build-a-Bear’s Disney Princess might be well worth considering.

The bear has a beautiful pink fur which is luxuriously soft and a sparkling crown on her head with a big gold heart.

Having made a couple of bears now the girls were VERY excited at the prospect of making a Princess bear and chatted excitedly in the back of the car as I drove the short distance to our nearest store.

Once in Nichola, a really helpful Build-a-Bear assistant, took control and was the perfect entertainer, because in case you don’t know Build-a-Bear isn’t about walking in, choosing a bear, paying and taking it home.

This is an experience children will take with them forever.

Build-a-Bear Disney Princess

The dream starts by choosing the outer skin and there are at least 20 different types, probably more, plus extras being added in all the time. Recent newcomers apart from the Princesses are Paddington and the Harajuku bear.

build a bear that lights up

In fact there is even a bear who has tiny lights inside him which change colour so if your little one is afraid of the dark or a bad sleeper this bear could really help you out? Isn’t he adorable?

BUild a bear choosing the skin, disney princess

Skin chosen you then add a noise and a heart, which you must kiss and hold on your cheek, promising to look after your bear for always and forever. Then it’s time to stuff which the children also assist by pressing the pedal of the stuffing machine whilst the assistant makes sure the bear is stuffed to perfection.

Build a bear add a noise and heart, disney princess

You can comb the fur, fluff the fur and the best bit of all – DRESS your bear and Build-a-Bear has a massive wardrobe with every conceivable outfit available whatever your taste may be.

build a bear, Disney Princess

But our trip was all about Disney Princesses and my girls were mesmerised by the gorgeous costumes. Alice chose her favourite pink dress which is Sleeping Beauty’s and Bessie chose Cinderella.

We brought our bears home in a special box filled with stickers, and print outs to colour in, ribbons to add to the bears ears and lots more and trust me these bears have taken pride of place on the beds and have totally overtaken all playtime.

build a bear, Disney Princess

The 41cm Disney Princess Bear costs £18 and the Disney dresses start from £10. Shoes are an extra £5.00

If you have a little princess I would thoroughly recommend making a Build-a-Bear Disney Princess with her which she will cherish forever. If you have a little boy, don’t be disheartened, there are a ton of fabulous bears in store which appeal to the tougher hearts too.

Disclosure: We were asked to make Disney Princess Build a Bear’s in return for this blog post and my girls LOVED the whole experience.

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  1. February 19, 2013 / 11:03 AM

    Looks like they both had a great time!

    I’ve taken my Princess twice and she was so disinterested and wanted to go to the Apple Store instead! I’m going to keep working on her though as I really want one lol!

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