Storing last years’ toys

untidy children's bedroomFran Swaine

For the kids, Christmas brings a batch of big shiny new toys to get excited about, often leaving last year’s toys to collect dust under the bed.

Yet those old favourites most likely still have a big place in your children’s hearts – so they are worth hanging onto just in case. Creating storage to temporarily keep them out of sight is a good solution to ensure a few months down the line there aren’t tears and tantrums over losing their favourite toys!

Old Toys on Standby

Toy boxes for toys that are out of favour don’t really work, as children want to make sure they have enough room for their new toys and the things they want to play with immediately. Storing old toys in an everyday toy box is likely to just cause frustration and more mess! Creating storage in a bedroom, attic or garage is the best bet for keeping old toys out of the way but not gone forever. If your child asks for that old favourite, you’ll easily be able to access it – and if they don’t, it won’t be in the way!

Planning Ahead

Before starting on this project, it’s useful to map out your budget. Also, think more than a few years in advance. For example, investing in furniture that will remain stylish once your children turn into teenagers will save you from having to redecorate again.

Stylish Storage Solutions

For a child’s bedroom you can use innovative storage solutions such as brightly coloured storage cubes or stacking boxes. The design of the storage is important, as it’ll become part of the bedroom’s décor. There are lots of great child-friendly storage solutions on the market, such as giant building blocks or animal themed storage cubes. Get your children involved in choosing the design – so they feel like it’s a special part of their bedroom.

You might also want to invest in some larger pieces of furniture to store toys such as a chest of drawers. This doesn’t need to be expensive – you could buy items second hand and involve the kids in giving the furniture a makeover. Alternatively, there are lots of child-friendly pieces of furniture on the market that your kids are sure to love.

Other Options

If space in your child’s bedroom is an issue, then you might want to consider storing old toys in a garage or converting your loft with the aid of a small loan. For this, it pays to use storage that’s easily accessible and sturdy. Plastic crates are a good solution, as they will protect the toys from any fluctuations in temperature and also allow you to easily see what’s in each box. Choose crates from the same range and ensure they have lids – this means you’ll be able to stack them easily.

Thus, Christmas doesn’t have to mean more clutter. With some forward thinking, it is possible to preserve your kids’ favourite toys, while making room for new ones at the same time.

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