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      Very silent but speaks a 1000 words doesn’t it? Mind you OH told me off for taking a photo ‘They might think we’re planning a robbery!”

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      I was tempted to show you but went with the choice instead, it might have to wait till 10th March now – unless of course I get an excellent photo of Jay on the day – THAT would be a brilliant Silent Sunday wouldn’t it?

  1. jfb57 says

    Oh how lovely! Was it difficult to choose? Wish I had been brave enough to ask future hubby to choose but…!

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      It wasn’t that difficult because I had a figure to stick to so that cleared out the massively expensive ones, so I was down to about 4 or 5 in the end and am very pleased with my final choice. I went for …. you’ll have to wait and see xx

  2. Emma Day (Crazy with Twins) says

    Aww Congratulations!

    When I was waiting for hubs to propose to me, I made a video of our relationship and our songs and at the end I put a photo of the ring I wanted and the price and shop he should buy it in! Just as a subtle hint like!

    We tried on TONS of wedding rings before I found one that I liked because I have really narrow fingers!

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