First term of Big school progress report

swimming certificatesWow, didn’t that first term of school go quickly?

There I was waiting for school to start and complaining of the long induction process and boom – it’s Christmas, the girls can read and recognise letters and have even started the add one concept.

They have weekly PE lessons, weekly trips to the library and they have school dinners on a Friday otherwise packed lunches.

They love school and have a good set of friends, it seems the class has bonded well and they all get on which is really nice. We’re already invited to 4 different birthday parties and that’s January alone.

We’ve had 4 number puppies home this term 5,6,7 and 8 which are good fun but can be quite time consuming.

We’ve been sent home an exercise book to write up ‘What we did during the holidays’ we shall be starting this today and finishing off our thank you notes too.

number puppy

Each day I pick the girls up with their scooters which have proven to be invaluable; at the end of the day they are very tired and often irritable, by scooting home tears are avoided and it’s a quick run home.

What needs more practise?

Dressing and undressing – I will take the blame for them being less independent as it’s quicker when I do it so most days I resort to taking over and I must stop doing this.

alice princess

Scissor practise – They have got better at managing a pair of scissors but practise makes perfect and will help them in so many projects they do at school

Organising themselves – At school the teacher cannot focus on each child individually so everyone is expected to be able ‘to look after themselves’. Bessie has lost two pairs of gloves this term thanks to her forgetfulness and Alice didn’t return with her wellington boots at the end of term which again is partly my fault as I was late taking them in and forgot to name them *sigh* I need to get better at this!

bessie and daddy christmas 12

Reading and writing – you can’t get enough practise at this early stage and luckily for me both girls like to sit and ‘write’ they will practise their letters and copy various words. I found Magnetic reception year words on Amazon and they like reading them on the fridge and moving them around.

They both wrote their own Christmas cards out even though Bessie did get a bit creative towards the end of her pack and started to write Happy or Christmas rather than her name.

writing cards

Numbers – they count well to 20 and they can also write them. They have started the concept of add one and thanks to the advent calendar are beginning to understand the numbers over ten asking me each morning in December ‘Which numbers make 21 mummy?’

After school activities

Gymnastics – Monday after school at 4pm for an hour. They have passed level 1 back at half term and we’re still waiting for the medals to come through, there were tests for level 2 just before the end of term but neither made it through which is fine because they are really enjoying the class. They can now do roly polies and try to stand on their heads or do crabs but can’t quite make it yet :)

Swimming – Saturday at 8am for half an hour, which is my only gripe. I’d happily move this to an after school activity as getting out of bed on a Saturday morning at 6.30am to get to the lesson on time is hard work but Daddy is happy to take them along and it’s his special time with them, they all enjoy it. The girls got their level 2 certificates earlier this month and are really confident in the water.

I’m keeping the activities down to two for now as any more and they get too tired.

General chit chat

Favourite toys this Christmas have been the Disney dolls with different clothes to change them into, the marble run and the Leap Pads which have been an enormous hit, I shall be looking into new apps soon


  1. January 2, 2013 / 2:39 PM

    What a lovely update. It sounds like they’re getting on really well, and I can tell how proud you are of them :)

    • January 19, 2013 / 5:04 PM

      Thanks Ruth, I’ve only just seen I never replied to this comment! How bad is that?

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