Our Christmas tree and the magic of Christmas

2012 Christmas tree

Here is our finished tree for 2012, the girls love it and there are no chocolates left within their reach, I took their finished dinner plates one evening out to the  kitchen and rumbled around in the fruit basket and fridge for a dessert, I needn’t have bothered, I returned to find them with pile high empty foil wraps on the table. ‘We’re eating the chocolates mummy!’ they smiled really pleased with themselves. Lucky for me I stuck mine up HIGH :D another advantage of being mummy.

I’ve been hearing lots of snidey remarks about tinsel this year, apparently it is no longer in vogue and if you look closely you will see I have some silver in my tree wrapped around the lower branches twirling it’s way up. I do this every year and I can’t bear to leave it in the box so I am declaring this blog  tinsel friendly, we also have a fake tree covered in LED lights on top of which I add a long string of coloured lights. You can’t have too many lights.

This year I have the addition of our Christmas bunting hanging in the window which we’re really pleased with and the John Crane nativity under the tree for the second year. I’m really pleased with the finished effect

1st christmas tree dec

A tradition that started back at Christmas 2008, the girl’s first, was the gift of a brand new Christmas decoration each year for each twin. Aunty Hayley gave the girls their ceramic ‘Twins’ 1st Christmas’ decoration and Aunty Wendy their first hand crafted wooden stocking named and dated.

Since then every year I have given one decoration each so the day they leave us and set up their own homes they will have a tree of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

2012 Christmas decoration

This year it was a difficult choice as there are so many decorations to choose from but I was drawn by the tiny stars, the ‘snow’ effect and the magic that stars give. I love the colour which has a mother of pearl effect.

With this year’s tree decoration I would like to encourage my girls to dream and to wish upon stars. I hope that all of their wishes come true and wish them a lifetime of happiness

2012 christmas decoration

It seems like a good moment to look back at Christmas past 2010, 2011 and the decorations so far 2008, 1st Christmas baubles, 2009, Santa faces, 2010 polar bears, 2011 knitted hearts,

Christmas decorations

I’m linking this post up to the BritMums Christmas blog hop and Frugal Family’s Christmas tree Linky and one thing that really made my heart melt was looking back at photos of the girls whilst searching for the decoration photos, here they are unwrapping the ‘presents’ that hung every year on the tree until they arrived; in 2010 on seeing them hanging on the tree they unwrapped the lot whilst I was out in the kitchen – note to self, knock the wall down in the kitchen so I get to keep my tree safe!

Twins christmas 2010

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  1. celebratingmums
    December 17, 2012 / 3:51 PM

    Beautiful girls Mari and a lovely tree and traditions in the making. Commenting as me and for BritMums

  2. HonestMum
    December 17, 2012 / 8:10 PM

    Beautiful girls and what a wonderful tree!

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