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Motorola RAZR iA couple of weeks ago I was invited up to London to attend an event held by Motorola. It was to promote their new RAZRi smartphone and as my current phone (an HTC Wildfire) has been on it’s last legs for a few months I was eager to find out more.

My HTC Wildfire, a monthly contract, was my first brush with smartphones and I was impressed with the new technology but after a year my handset was starting to get slower and slower and as everyone on locked contracts know there is nothing you can do but wait until your time is up for an upgrade – May 2013!

TinkerBell glasses 3D

Waiting to see the new TinkerBell film with 3D glasses

They had invited David Green, family photographer along to run us through some tips on how to get the best from your phone when taking shots, especially of the kids. This was the bit that really interested me as we all want to capture the children’s moments for our memory box and our phones are becoming even more important tools in doing this, allowing spur of the moment photos to be taken. Here are his tips

How to improve your family photography

  1. Make Pictures don’t take them – study the scene, move things about so the final outcome is what you’re looking for
  2. Get the light right – Squint your eyes and discover where it’s coming from and use it – it can take 10 years off of you ;)
  3. Get down to kids height -go down to their level and get a really good  shot.
  4. Crop – take a wide shot and crop it for a better end product.
  5. Create a diversion, make them laugh when they’re not expecting it SHOOT your shot then.

For more in-depth tips check out Becky’s post on the TOTS 100 blog

motorola razr photos

Capturing the PTA Christmas fair and the first sprinkle of snow

How am I getting on with my Motorola RAZRi?

Well ….. I LOVE it.

First it’s double the the screen size of my old phone and that alone must be so much easier on the eyes and consequently headaches, I’m sure Motorola are saving my eyesight and my ever deepening crow’s feet, thank you!

Second, It was so super easy to set up and get used to. I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t be able to master it but it has an incredibly useful guide to help you through each stage of your set up YOU CANNOT GO WRONG. I didn’t.

Thirdly, I synced all my sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and can now browse them all and stay in touch with the cyber world at the swipe of a symbol. The internet connection on the Motorola RAZRi is lightening speed, I will admit to giving up internet on my old phone as it would take forever but not with the Motorola RAZRi, I am loving it.

motorola razr photos

!st Christmas card to arrive, girls walking to school and wedding acceptance cards arriving

Google has bought the Motorola company and at the top of my screen is a Google search box, even Other Half will ask me to search something as it’s so much quicker on my phone than his Nokia!

I have taken many many photos over the past few weeks on my Motorola, I have easily uploaded them to my social media pages. I visited my local EE store to get my old SIM card transferred onto a mini SIM to fit this phone and they transferred over all of my gallery going back to when the twins were new born, I found some excellent photos and videos on there than I had forgotten about. See this video of the twins laughing aged 1 year old it’s hilarious

sunest shot pixelated motorola razri zoom

Zoom on a spectacular sunset didn’t give me the clarity I was hoping for

My only quibble so far would be the zoom, this photo was taken sitting on an armchair opposite the girls reading on the sofa, I wanted to capture them unaware of me snapping so I zoomed in and as you can see the photo is very fuzzy but other than the zoom I would say it’s an absolutely marvelous phone

reading a book pixelated Motorola razri zoom

Disappointing as taken from the armchair opposite using zoom to get closer and more intimate – answer is to crop instead!

What’s it made from? Is it sturdy?

It has Corning Gorilla glass (Google it it’s very impressive) used for the screen and aircraft grade aluminium for the surrounding case! I haven’t dropped it yet (and really hope I don’t as I’d be gutted to lose it) but it’s thin, compact and light but gives the impression of being sturdy.

It also has SMARTACTIONS which you can set to save even more battery hours!

Disclosure: I was given a Motorola RAZRi for the purpose of this blog and I love it.

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