Top 12 kids Christmas gift ideas – ALL ages

Bananas in Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas - Talking BananasBananas in Pyjamas have proven to be a roaring success with children as they appeal to the ‘making mistakes’ crew where it’s seen that all turns out well in the end.  The soft and cuddly B1 and B2 talking soft toy. Squeeze the characters’ tummy to hear one of five fun phrases. One supplied. Suitable for children aged 10 months and over’ Evan, my grandson bagged this one and didn’t let it go all the way back to Italy RRP £9.99

Star rating 5/5 – I love BiP and all they stand for :D

HABA Bobbing Bunny

HABA Bobbing Bunny and Quaking Frog

Cute HABA Bobbing Bunny and Quaking Frog made from beech wood and painted in bright colours, they wobble on their circular bottoms and rattle when picked up. A perfect example of the Slow Toys Movement getting back to basics and encouraging children to play with toys that require imagination rather than batteries to function, and these fun animals are a great example. RRP 12.99

star rating : 5/5 – Hats off for toys fueling imagination

The Trash Pack

Street sweeper

The Trash Pack launched in December 2011 and already over 3 million individual Trashies have been collected. Boys are eagerly awaiting the release of Series 3, which will be available before Christmas, and includes loads more gross characters to discover.
Kids can have loads of fun taking out the trash with the Garbage Truck. Use the Tip ‘n Flip action or Wheelie Bin Launcher to catapult the Trashies into the truck and clean up Trash Town! Each Garbage Truck includes two exclusive Trashies. SRP £19.99

Rating 3/5

Scatter Brainz


Perfect stocking filler for age 5+, Scatter Brainz are darts with seriously sticky heads and are collectables, apparently they stick to anything which is bound to delight some little people out there RRP from £4.99 – £14.99

Star rating 3/5

Dinosaur – Jurassic Classic collection Schleich

dinosaur scheich

Every dinosaur fan out there will be happy to get one of these guys in their Christmas stocking, with the news Jurassic Park is being released in 3D, Scheich have created the perfect dinosaur collection with amazing detail almost too good to play with and excellent qualtiy  RRP £6.50

Star rating 5/5

Go Mini range

crewzers group shotHere’s a great new range from Golden Bear Toys ideal for age 3 + with varied prices from £4.99 – £14.99 there are five super cool styles each with their own name. Then there are 6 Go Mini stunt racers which can be raced in Race or stunt mode, plus there’s a fab Stunt Launcher to add to your collection should you wish. Or choose from the top of the range Freestylers. These cars will keep the boys amused with their sound boxes and cool design.

Star rating 4/5


gelarti - hello kitty

A great toy to keep the girls occupied, Gelarti by Flair is a cool craft kit where children can create colourful and reusable gel stickers. Using the gel to create their own designs the stickers can then be used to decorate walls, bags, windows, notebooks and cards too. Also available in Hello Kitty and Moshi Monster kits RRP £9.99

Star rating 5/5

Deluxe Charm

Deluxe Charm

Another great idea for girls is the Deluxe Charm Bracelets encouraging children to get creative and create their own jewellery only this time it looks like the real one mummy is wearing. A kit providing all the necessities to make your own quality accessory RRP £19.99

Star rating 5/5

Ben 10 – Kevin’s Car

Ben 10 Kevin's CarCharacter Building have a fabulous Ben 10 range of building blocks available and this here is Kevin’s car, one of the eight collectable construction micro figures. Kevin’s car contains 216 bricks and is advised age 5+ and above RRP £9.99

Star rating 5/5

Green Rocket

Green rocket

Interestingly made from trash and powered by green energy, this blasting rocket is made by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazine pages. Stamp on the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly up to 25 metres. Learn all about the underlying physics involved too which makes this an excellent science project as well as gift. Great Gizmos have a range of products on the market including a weather station and glove doll making kits which will keep children Age 8+ amused and teach them science at the same time. Green Rocket RRP £9.99

Star rating 5/5

Giant Hornet by Technokit

Rivits hornetBoys who love to build will love the Technokit Rivetz collection where they quickly learn how to snap and fix the pre-cut decorated card together and create giant sculptures. Choose from a dragon, a giant hornet or a racing car. Each kit contains glossy card, the Rivetz gun and the rivetz to hold the sculpture together. The Rivetz gun can also be used to remove the Rivetz. Once created the model can be displayed or taken apart to construct all over again RRP 12.99

Star rating 5/5

Doctor Who Clerical Wars App and QLA device

Dr Who clerical wars app game and QLA device

If you are looking to really impress a 9+ this Christmas then this could be the gift you’re looking for. Introducing the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience, download the free Clerical Games App available from the app store) and get ready to lock and load as the launch of the Doctor Who QLA (Quantum Lokk Accelerator) Anti Time Devise is upon us. The Clerical Wars App and QLA device is an immersive, Augmented Reality first person mobile application for iPhone and Android phones. The immersive controls use a pan and tilt function, to defeat an enemy aim the QLA and fire until a vortex opens up and pulls it in. This device enables players to fight battle enemies Daleks, Cybermen and Angles in your own room. RRP £19.99

Star rating 5/5

Ravensburger 3D puzzles

Big ben - ravensburger 3D puzzleThe Ravensburger new 3D collection of puzzles takes jigsaw concept to a completely new level. Using new technology with interlocking pieces puzzlers can build landmarks. Big Ben is a 216 piece puzzle (bound to keep someone quiet for a while) and the proudly finished piece can be displayed for all to see and remark on. Other buildings in the range are the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and a red and white lighthouse RRP £14.99

Star rating 5/5

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