Living in Kent – the Garden of England

We have often thought of where we’d move to if we won the lottery, you know the zillions of pounds in your bank account kind of move and the answer quite simply is we’d stay in Kent. We might find a mansion somewhere with a swimming pool but in all honesty our position is pretty darned perfect.

We are close enough to London to enjoy day trips by train; the highspeed gets us into St Pancras in 25 minutes and we can spend our weekends on the North Kent coast getting there in around 40 minutes. Plus we are 45 minutes from Gatwick and Stansted airports and another 45 minutes from the Euro Tunnel meaning holidays abroad are conveniently just down the road.

Kent is brimming with natural beauty spots to visit all throughout the year so once work is over there is plenty of play to choose from like rambling from one country pub to the next or feeding the squirrels in Danson park and Kent has some of the best schools in the country too.

Work is a necessity for the majority of us and winning the lottery remains a dream but what we can do is make the best of our lives by balancing the work/spare time, searching for a better quality of life and Kent offers that. Living and teaching in Kent combines the contemporary life style and the famous British heritage, we even have our own vineyards!

Kent County Council Schools, one of the largest local authorities in the country are on the lookout for experienced and talented teachers for their 600+ schools. They provide a supportive environment and a wide range of career opportunities from energetic urban secondary schools to serene coastal village primaries.

Kent County Council Schools are also grand innovators and keeping up with the latest in social media they are launching a Facebook competition in a bid to attract experienced teachers as new recruiters encouraging teachers to look at life in Kent as a lifestyle opportunity.

Part of the competition is to submit a story on My perfect Kent day and the prize is an all expenses paid weekend in Kent. The stories will be shortlisted and introduced to a public to vote for the favourite one. The story that receives the most votes will win.

Interested in finding out more? Go on get writing your story and share it on social media, who knows we could end up being neighbours!

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