Who is Jack White?

You know it’s been a long time you’ve not been listening to music when you don’t recognise a star’s name right?

A potentially ‘ground swallow me up’ occasion if you’re a teenager but for me now it doesn’t pose any threat at all. At most a flicker of interest and if I’m really intrigued I could possibly Google the name to discover more.

In fact on hearing the name I thought Jack White was a comedian. A very funny one (in fact I’m still convinced he is) You know the guy who looks a bit like Jack Nicholson and has the perfect British, dry humour? My brother lent me a DVD of him one year and I loved it.

So if I was told I’m getting Jack White tickets my reaction would be ‘Yoohoo we’re going to see that funny guy.’ I’d be really excited and start to plan babysitters, travel and of course what to wear to such an event.

But I searched the name and discovered actually it’s not anything close to a comedian at all. Mr Jack White is a singer and a musician. He’s a song writer and multi-instrumentalist. He’s 37 and American from Detroit, I wonder who he’ll be voting for? And although an occasional actor he’s not the comedian I was thinking of.

In fact it was only when I dug a little research and found an article in the online BBC News US and Canada I saw he used to be the frontman of The White Stripes then bells of recognition started ringing. My brother had talked a lot about them, he’d been to see them loads of times too. I may have even listened (at his house) to some of their stuff but never had I registered anything more than that.

And that leads me on to a frequent problem of mine, if it’s not something of vital interest it will not get registered on my brain and therefore leads to mistakes, like Jack White being a comedian *sigh* or is this simply another sign of time passing by?

and anyway, what’s the name of that comedian I was thinking of then?

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