Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

spinach and ricotta cannelloniRight this is a super easy and delicious recipe to follow although it is a bit messy in the preparation stage. It’s a recipe I prepared with the girls to get them more involved which they love but I cannot call it quick to get together. The quick version would use lasagna pieces and more white sauce, I’ll add the alternative a the bottom but for now I give you one of my kids favourite all time recipes that I leant in Italy

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

1 box of cannelloni
500g of frozen spinach
250g ricotta
5 slices of sandwich ham
salt and pepper
250g four cheese sauce or white sauce
200g tomato and basil pasta sauce
cheese to grate on top

Defrost the spinach in a bowl. Chop the ham and add to the spinach along with the tub of ricotta, season and mix well to amalgamate all the ingredients.

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Cover the bottom of your pyrex ovenproof dish with a layer of tomato sauce, this is to prevent the cannelloni sticking.

Fill the cannelloni tubes with the spinach and ricotta mixture, I used a teaspoon which can be quite a long process, a large syringe or open tube piping bag would most likely be a lot quicker ;)


Lay the filled cannelloni along the dish until completely covered.

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Cover with four cheese sauce or white sauce and sprinkle well with grated cheese.

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Bake in the oven at 180C for 40 minutes, test the cannelloni with a knife to make sure the pasta has softened.

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

chopped up into bite sized pieces for little people ;)


  1. Domestic Disgrace
    December 1, 2012 / 11:14 PM

    Thank you for linking up. This looks lovely…are jars of white and tomato sauce ok?! x

    • Mari
      December 1, 2012 / 11:37 PM

      Most definitely yes. Use a piping bag to fill the canelloni quicker. You can buy disposable ones from Lake land ;)

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