Bonfire night; Fireworks, discounts and printable colour in charts

Guy Fawkes

When an email landed in my inbox asking if I’d like to review some fireworks, like a child I got really excited, I pinged back an immediate ‘Yes, I’d love to’ because I have always loved fireworks, there’s something thrilling about them, something awesome and I am one of those who stand head back as far as it can go watching the colours burst into the night sky saying ‘Wow’ or ‘Oh how beautiful’. Check below for an exclusive 10% discount code for Mari’s World readers. 

What is Bonfire Night?

Bonfire night is something exclusive to the UK, it’s a great party in reminder of Guy Fawkes who tried to set the houses of Parliament on fire back in 1605, a terrorist act of the day in the name of religion as the plan was to reinstate a Catholic monarch on the British throne, just goes to show that religion has been the cause of much grief throughout history as it still is today.

Where to buy fireworks online?

Ghengis Fireworks are the people who contacted me and they have a fabulous range of products to choose from including some fantastic names, like these that made me smile Hell’s Doorway, Devil’s Dawn and Nemisis. Odd that such evil sounding names produce such a breathtaking display.

jupiter fireworkExclusive 10% discount code

Ghengis have very kindly offered Mari’s World readers a 10% discount code to use online. The 10% discount code is BN1012

We were sent Jupiter to review from the garden range. This barrage box contains 6  explosive cakes each containing a storming 16 shots, delivering a total of 96 fire powered shots. The site describes…

Each firework shot fills the night with fire and colour, with a loud, clear bang to go with it! These are suitable for practically any event, from children’s birthday celebrations, to New Year’s Eve parties, to Bonfire Night itself! The cakes are small in size, which makes them a prime and ultimately versatile choice for any events that will be taking place in an area of limited size, such as a small garden or other communal space. The real beauty of these fireworks is that having a small space will not prevent you from having a large display, as they pack some serious power.

Now in order to review these fireworks properly I should go out in the back garden one evening and light them up BUT I have had poorly children for the last fortnight, first one twin and now the other but in all honesty we bought Ghengis fireworks last year from a local source and were perfectly happy with them so being the hoarder I am I shall put mine aside for the big family party we’re having in a couple of weeks time, we’re also having a Best Guy competition this year too, do you remember last year’s Bonfire Night? The guy above was our entry :)

Video of a firework display

Downloadable colour in pictures of Bonfire Night

If you’d like some free downloadable prints of bonfire night, Guy Fawkes and more Ghengis have an extensive collection to choose from, they even have a blog

bonfire night colour in charts


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