First day of BIG school memory

17th September

Today I have accompanied the girls to school for their first real day of school, I say day but they’re only staying till midday this week – which is better than nothing!

They were both VERY excited. I had reminded them after reading last night and Bessie came bounding in at 6.45am raring to go! Alice had to be woken at 7am which is the time I’ve set our alarm for to get ready and walk up the road to school.

Bessie has been very dependent recently and this morning was no different. On asking the girls to brush their teeth she asked me to do it for her. Wanting to get into a ‘system’ where they start doing more and more for themselves I refused and this brought on moans and tantrums to which I put my foot down = tears.

Alice quietly got on and brushed her teeth like a little angel.

I have been encouraging the girls all summer to undress themselves and start dressing themselves too. Bessie can’t be bothered to do this either. ‘I want you to do it.’ she says. For the second time I put my foot down and insisted she start helping herself as she’s now going to Big School and she’s not a preschooler anymore = more tears and bigger tantrum.

Alice very quietly manages to undress herself and start dressing herself too needing help to turn her top round as it was on back to front.

Daddy comes up to see what all the commotion is about and adds his tuppence worth very much along the lines of what I’ve been saying and Bessie throws herself on the floor and sobs, her cheeks now becoming blotchy and red.

‘Is this how my days are going to be from hereon?’ I wonder

I scoop her up and decide to try the cuddle tactics, they work and she settles down, thumb in mouth and little teddy in her tight grip.

school uniform

On their induction day last week I made the mistake of doing their hair exactly the same (to avoid arguments) and of course in their uniform the teachers had no idea who was who. So this morning I decided to do their hair differently. Bessie in bunches (B) and Alice with a pony tail.

More tears from Bessie when she realised her hair was different to her sisters, this time I whipped out their brand new school shoes from Clarks – both with flashing lights on the sides which they adore and the tantrum was blocked with this my distraction technique.

Shoes on, photo taken, bags on shoulders and off we go by foot to school. It’s 8.30 and gate shuts at 8.55.

The girls will spend their reception year in Badgers class and have to be accompanied to the door and collected every day whereas as of year one they can be left on the school playground.

And so we start our school journey, bring it on!

panasonic v700 hd camcorder

Panasonic HD camcorder (HC-V700)

Panasonic contacted me early in September asking if I’d like to review one of their top of the range camcorders, it wasn’t going to be mine to keep, just to trial.

I’d like to say a few things as I really fell in love with this camera and if you were thinking of buying one I’d thoroughly recommend it as I am so reluctant to let it go.

Panasonic have 7 cameras in this range and the HC-V700 model is 3rd from the top, the two higher models are aimed at semi-pros so I think we can safely say this is top of the family range.

There is no need to be a techno geek to use this model as it has iA – intelligent auto installed. What does this mean? It has automatic face detection, meaning it will detect the face and box it switching to portrait mode or to landscape mode as necessary

A big advantage is the lens on this camera, it is barrel shaped with an optical zoom of 38 giving a much better quality. That means 38 pure magnification and 46 x whilst still giving high definition.

The camera takes into account whilst you’re walking around smoothing out your bumps and jolts making the final product easier to view, it uses the same system as shock absorbers on a car!

This model is compatible with a 3D lens too which can be bought as an accessory online

Whilst in playback mode you can edit the footage you have taken there and then, there are plenty of tutorials on the PanasonicUK You Tube channel but you can add music to them and connect a days footage into one film.

Top tips for this Panasonic HD camcorder (HC-V700)

  • Use iA mode
  • OIS or Optical Image Stabiliser (the smoothing out bit I was telling you about) use this!
  • See the whole scene and then do a zoom

Disclosure – I was sent a Panasonic HD camcorder (HC-V700) on trial to review, I loved it I wished I didn’t have to send it back as there is so much more to learn and so many more memories to record. If you can, buy one – you won’t regret it. RRP from £369.99 to £399.00

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