AVON ANEW PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

AVON ANEW PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33Today I squeezed the last drop of serum from the tube and regretfully threw the empty tube in the bin.

All gone.

What now? I need to buy some more quick.

I was sent a box of AVON ANEW clinical to trial. It’s a PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33 in it (that to you and me is an amino acid of some description) I don’t care what it is because this product WORKED.

I am lucky as my skin isn’t that bad but I have noticed over the past couple of years more fine lines collecting around my eyes and one day I looked in the mirror and thought I’d got some pen just over my eyebrows, on rubbing I was distraught to see it was in fact brand new lines, laughter lines at that and they were indelible. You see the number I reach on every birthday means nothing to me but the lines on my face and other tell tale signs of age do.

I am not a surgery person – the fact I can’t afford it is irrelevant. I am a Scardey-cat and will not succumb to the knife and genereal anaesthetic for beauty. I am vain but not that vain, plus those dreadful photos of some celebrities that have completely overdone it frighten the geebies out of me. Why would anyone want to look like that?

I really don’t like the idea of injecting poison into my face either, more commonly known as Botox. Nope I’m rubbish with needles and don’t like the idea so that option was eliminated too.

I continue on my steady journey of using day creams, night creams, eye creams and a good dosage of hope that my collagen stays tough for as long as possible.

It’s disheartening to discover creases on your cheeks – again laughter is to blame – but should I stop laughing?

I’ve dreamt that a cream would be invented and straighten out the ever increasing lines on my face for a long time now; an elisir of youth in a tub to rub on day and night so can you imagine my glee when I was sent a pack of this to trial for AVON?

ANEW Clinical PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

The box holds 6 tubes, quite small really and each one is to be used day and night for 5 days followed by a dab of moisturiser. The very first times I could feel a tiny prickling beneath my skin which lasted seconds, so short I wondered if I’d imagined it and then I imagined the cream tightening my skin from the go.

Would it work on me?

The box claims 100% of women showed results in 2 weeks, so I kept on applying and looking in the mirror to look for changes and I found them!!!

AVON ANEW PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

Three exclamation marks because I really did see changes. Those brand new lines above my eyebrows I mentioned? They had disappeared.

That was the moment I knew I would buy this product for the rest of my days – haven’t told Paul yet but when, during the last 28 days, he said ‘You really do look young for your age.’ and he’s not a man to pay compliments if he doesn’t think them, I had my proof.

AVON ANEW PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

I have talked about face creams on here before but this serum really is the best I’ve ever tried. I will be changing from my usual brands and focusing on the AVON ANEW range from now on, I had a look on their website and it’s not even that expensive about £13/£14 for a day or night cream.

The box mentions this product will be in Brochure 16 of 2012 I hope that is now as I don’t want to spend one more day without it in my life.

Disclosure: I was sent a trial box of AVON ANEW PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33 and asked to give feedback on my findings. My answer to AVON? Can I have another box please?



  1. jfb57
    August 14, 2012 / 2:33 PM

    You don’t need anything like this!! I’ve been an Avon customer for years & a 60 could do with some help! How do I get a free sample?!

  2. HonestMum
    August 15, 2012 / 7:39 AM

    Looks fab!

  3. Chrissie Cronnolley
    October 12, 2012 / 10:24 AM

    I have been using the pro line Corrector treatment for 3 weeks now and I’m amazed at the obvious results! I have to say I’m nearly 64 and now my wrinkles only show when I smile! My skin is firmer and more youthful than I have ever seen it since my 20’s! I am the around the same age as Lulu and I think I look almost as good as she does, though I reckon she has had surgical treatment in the past. I was considering a face lift, but now I’m thinking why bother? This product has done almost the same thing for me! :o)
    Regards, Chrissie.

    • October 16, 2012 / 9:11 AM

      Thanks Chrissie for your comment, it always helps to have other positive comments on board as readers understand I’m not just saying it for the sake of a good review. Much appreciated.

  4. Debbie Finch
    November 14, 2013 / 1:05 AM

    Hi I have been using the avon cream for about 2 weeks but only put it on at night, read good things about this so thought I get some. I have also had a tingle feeling when just applied.So I wanted to know if anybody else had the same effect it also makes me want to scratch my face a little.After reading your article I am very impressed as I too have spent a lot on other brands. I paid £24 in the brochure Iam going to see if I can find it a bit cheaper. Regards debbie

    • November 14, 2013 / 5:18 PM

      Stick with it Debbie, I imagine the itch is disappearing soon after you apply the cream? I foudn taht the more I used it the less tingling and less itchy it got.

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