How much do your boobs mean to you?

brasI’m taking part in the #BRAvellous Link up over at Brit Mums and shouting out about Boobs together with as many voices as I can to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research.

As most readers will know this time last year my mum was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and then lung cancer. She was lucky as her treatment was successful and in the autumn she was given the all clear.

That was when I, absent-mindedly rubbed my breasts as I sat watching something on the TV, they were tender and I was trying to relieve a bit of the discomfort, it was during this movement that my fingers came across a lump in my left breast. I prodded it and felt it move under my fingers and I recognised that it was quite big – well at least for me who had never felt anything like that before.

I tried to ignore it, it’ll go away. It’s another new monthly phenomenon that I’ll have to get used to but there was a ‘What if?’ in the back of my mind that refused to shift. So I asked Him Indoors to have a feel for me. He though all of his birthdays and Christmases had come at once as his eyes lit up in delight, I told him it was serious and he too felt the lump. We decided an appointment at the GP’s wouldn’t do any harm and it would probably be nothing anyway. So I booked up and to my surprise they had me in the next day.

The doctor examined me with a nurse present and said in his opinion it was nothing to worry about, to wait a week and then return if it should not have changed.

Then I told my mother.

You can’t wait a week! Phone up and get seen again, the quicker you find out the better.’

Acting on her advice I let a couple of days go by so it was nearly a week and rebooked to see my doctor again. He forwarded on a request to the local hospital and in no time at all I was booked in to see a consultant on Oncology.

The consultant told me there and then he didn’t think it was anything to worry about but to put my mind at rest he would have the scans done anyway.

The very next day I was back for scans and within a week the letter came through to tell me I had nothing to worry about and they were fibrocystic breast changes a HUGE sigh of relief because in that very short space of time I had weighed up losing my life.

I had allowed myself to project myself into the future of my girls and see them adolescent and without me being there.

I had ‘seen’ Paul move on and meet someone new – you’d want them to wouldn’t you?

I had watched family gatherings which I adore and noted my absence from them.

The thought of losing your life is incredibly saddening, I cried but it doesn’t have to be like that Breast Cancer can be treated if caught in time so if you do feel a lump Go And Get It Checked Out

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  1. May 22, 2012 / 12:56 PM

    Wow what a scary experience for you and soo glad you are all ok. One of my friends has had it and in the clear now…its amazing how evryone knows someone who has been touched by it! x

    • Mari
      May 22, 2012 / 1:21 PM

      It was scary and then when I got the OK I felt a cheat as there are people out there who really do suffer and have to go through the whole chemo treatment. I was lucky but that one week wait made me think LOTS – thanks for your comment xx

  2. May 22, 2012 / 2:09 PM

    How scary… Your Mum was right, we should never wait to find out. Glad that you are both OK. xx

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