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There’s something about Easter that is simply loveable, there is no manic run up to the occasion apart from making sure you have the Easter Eggs which a) aren’t expensive and b) can be found in EVERY shop and supermarket across the country.

Easter is another great occasion for spending time with the family, chilling out and eating good food. I had shared a few recipes with you on the run up like the Roast Lamb, the Easter Chick Cake Pops but it was over Easter that I set too and made the Slutty Brownies and my goodness were they a hit!

I had my niece and nephew (aged 12 and 10) over for a few days who the girls adore, we made Chicken Escalopes with Rosie and she put them on her blog My Head and Me and we set Billy up with his very own blog which being a Lego fanatic he intends to share all his creations with you watch out for Loopy Lego coming to a screen near you.

We received the latest Warner Bros bundle, an Easter chocoholic set with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka, Yogi bear and Bugs Bunny too, that kept the kids quiet for a bit but the funniest moment – the Easter Egg hunt here are the princesses dressed up and ready to hunt 12 eggs all over the house

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