I’ve got nothing to wear!

I bet every single one of you has said that at some point in your life in front of a heaving wardrobe, I know I have and I find myself saying it more and more recently.

Partly as I haven’t had the chance to buy myself anything to wear recently, partly because I’m not happy with my body shape and partly because I’m sick and tired of looking at the same old rags day in day out.

Then I went food shopping to our local Asda, I set out with the intention of buying some salad and some milk I returned with a receipt for £90! Paul will be so angry if he finds out and I swear I don’t know how it happened as I have been so careful recently but maybe the music in store, the fact it was Christmas (Christmas is getting the blame for so much at the moment!) but more to the point my eyes fell on a couple of items I just couldn’t go home without!

Supermarkets have really upped their ante in the fashion departmentand although I would love to be dressed top to toe in designer gear fact is it ain’t happening any time soon – unless my numbers come up of course in which case designers around the globe here I come!

The jumper was the first article to catch my eye, blue and beige bold stripes, my Mind approved immediately and even went on to remind me that it would be perfect for the winter and spring too, blue is so spring don’t you agree? ONLY £16.00 I had to have it as it wouldn’t be there next time I passed by. So into the trolley it went before my Mind changed their decision.

I promise I didn’t need anything else but my Mind said, ‘Let’s just have a  quick look at their jeans selection, the prices are so reasonable!’ So off we went and luckily none of them took my fancy.

THEN, Mind saw a pair of navy blue cotton trousers ONLY £14 – ‘How much?’ I asked astonished. Mind was right about the price and I looked over carefully and couldn’t see any evident flaws so into the trolley they went too before Mind changed their decision again.

I must admit I was walking around with an expression like a thieves’ all over my face, I came in for salad goddamit and I already had 30 quids worth of clothes in my trolley, with the milk right over the other side of the supermarket. I knew I was in serious trouble.

Determined to get my real shopping done and quickly I made for the food department taking short cuts down aisles I never normally pass through and THAT was my downfall because Mind shouted at me ‘LOOK at those gorgeous pumps, they could be from any top shoe boutique, look how well they’re made!

I argued ‘They’re only £14 they’re bound to be so uncomfortable.’

‘You can be such a fashion snob sometimes.’ Mind retorted, ‘How do you know that if you don’t try them on?’ she followed up with.

So there I was in the middle of Asda slipping off my zip up boots to try them on and they fit me! Into the basket they went and I succumbed to Mind. I may not be able to afford Miss Sixty these days but I don’t think I did too bad at all, what do you think?

Here’s the ensemble modelled for you by myself and sorry but my hair is wet and still need’s drying in the photo, my modelling needs working on!


  1. Rocky Mountain Woman says

    Ok, so I do the exact same thing in the feed store. I go in there for supplies for my horses and I end up buying a jacket or some new boots or jeans..

    But if the price is right and you like how it looks, why not? I love your new outfit!!!

    Happy New Year,


  2. Carol says

    George is always a big hit with me !! at Asda, as Clooney, was Best in my younger days !! Love the grey pumps would like a pair of those myself You look the business. Have fun xxx

  3. Laura_is_ace says

    Hmm really like those shoes! Will be looking for those next time I’m in Asda. At least you didnt wander through the home wares as well! Thats another trolley filler before you’ve even got to the food too.

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