MuTu system – my progress or lack of

….and this is only a fraction

I hold my hands up high, I have seriously lost my MuTu plot this past couple of weeks. Week 8 and 9 haven’t happened – not even a pelvic floor squeeze, nada and the worst bit? I feel so guilty.

It all started with mum coming back from Sardegna and staying over the night a couple of Thursdays ago, I spent the morning chatting to her and after she left the day flew by, before I knew it I was sitting on the sofa, exhausted and it dawned on me I hadn’t been anywhere near my MuTu system. Things went steadily downhill over Friday and the weekend too.

I got to Monday depressed, Tuesday the same, unable to break out of this frame of mind and when I eventually did every spare moment has been dedicated to Christmas; cards, buying, organising, list writing and here I am another whole week later and I haven’t even done a core exercise!

I also downloaded the Slimpod Christmas Special too which was free, a taster of their great method and I can’t find my earplugs to my iPod which I haven’t used in 3 years. It seems like I need an extra week on top just to get myself organised.

So I made a pact with myself, I’m going to cross the last two weeks off the calendar as I’ve read through week 8 there are new exercises and it’s taking it up a step and I’m going to start my week 8 this week now the girls are home and I’m relatively ready for Christmas. I will have more time and a guilt free mind PLUS I’m itching to get back into keep fit mode after my lapse.

I promise to complete my core exercises every day and to keep an eye on my food intake and drink 6 glasses of water too. In fact I found this press release which I wanted to share with you –

 Top 10 Christmas Season Weight Management Tips from Jenny Craig

  1. Keep up with physical activity; this helps to tone and keep the metabolic rate going and also helps fight the extra stresses that this time of year brings. It’s not necessary to schedule a solid block of exercise to get a good workout. For example, three 10-minute ‘mini-workouts’ throughout the day are just as good as half an hour of exercise.
  2. A common temptation for dieters is to forget about their diet plans altogether after a minor glitch. Falling off the bandwagon is a good opportunity to get right back to the diet. Don’t be tempted just to give it all up!
  3. Is there really a need to buy all those Christmas food extras and have them in the house?  No one will really miss that massive tin of chocolates, those bags of nuts and packets of mince pies! Not buying them is a great way to avoid temptation. Hosts who do want these traditional extras for guests, should hide them well away from their own appetite.
  4. Ask people not to show up with foodie pressies. Ask for perfume, toiletries, handbags and other calorie-free accessories to indulge in.
  5. Don’t be tempted to skip meals to make up for previous or future overindulgence! This will only make the eating pattern out of balance, and may even result in hunger and temptation to eat more or the wrong foods.
  6. Christmas can be fun but stressful, and people may have less time for themselves. They may be tempted to forget the diet, but shouldn’t. This will make them feel rotten and resentful in the longer run.
  7. Everyone should give themselves ‘me’ time and some space at this time of year. Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve food. What about a manicure, a long hot bath or a chat to a friend?
  8. Having a non-weight loss day on Christmas day is of course perfectly understandable. But don’t go absolutely mad – there are traditional Christmas day foods that are very healthy and low in calories. Indulge in these: turkey meat (no skin), sprouts, carrots, smoked salmon and scrambled egg without too much added fat, fruit with just a few nuts. Don’t overindulge in the roasties, Christmas pudding and mince pies – just have a little taster of these.
  9. Christmas doesn’t have to be alcohol free, but don’t forget that alcoholic drinks are quite calorific. More than one drink can also lower people’s mental ‘dieting reserve’, so that their attitude becomes: ‘I don’t care anymore about the diet, pass the nuts and chocolate!!’
  10. Calorie-rich Christmas leftovers shouldn’t be sitting around in cupboards. Just throw them out. This may seem like a big waste, but to be frank: they will only be wasted sitting around on hips or belly after being consumed!

Happy Christmas and don’t go mad! Head over to Jenny Craig for more ideas and tips


  1. December 19, 2011 / 9:42 AM

    Don’t feel guilty, don’t you know that guilty calories count twice? Sounds like a very good idea to just get back on track and be optimistic!

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Wendy Powell
    December 22, 2011 / 2:05 PM

    Hey Mari, the guilt gets you nowhere. Just decide when you’re ready to make changes & don’t feel guilty in the meantime!

    MuTu System will get you a flatter tummy, a lean toned body & a strong back & pelvic floor… if you do it. Slimpod will change your attitde towards food & you will naturally drop weight… if you listen to it.

    And those are great tips… if you follow them ;))

    Guilt is pointless – Sandra at Slimpod & I are here to help you however we can! So decide when YOU are ready & go for it.

    Have a lovely Chrsimtas & don’t waste time feeling bad about yourself – make yourself feel good instead!

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