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Excellent customer services aren’t what you would normally associate with Britain’s high street especially so in mobile phone shops where staff can sometimes seem more concerned with where they’re going out at the weekend than the job they are paid to do so as my T Mobile contract came to an end I braced myself for an informative trip around our local shopping mall Bluewater to see what I could find.
I walked into a Vodafone store and both assistants were busy, I stood around for a while and as the girls were playing up and it seemed neither member of staff had spotted me, even though we were making a lot of noise, I left and made my way on to T Mobile, might as well see what they have to offer.

I passed by the Virgin Mobile store on my way as we have our broadband, TV and landline with them but the young girl assistant seemed clueless and her colleague, who really didn’t want to be working that day, wasn’t much more helpful so I moved on.

Now I am under the impression that each shop assistant should know their products and offers inside out and apart from new staff only recently joined I would expect to be told the best possible option available to me and not the company I am talking to. So when Mitch my T Mobile assistant asked me what I wanted I told her :- Internet to be able to Tweet and update Facebook, and I’m not too bothered about phoning people or texting as I seem to use that less and less these days. Oh and I’d love a Smartfone and I need to pay as little as possible as I’m still not back to work yet.

Tricky one right? She was never going to tick all of those boxes and have a satisfied customer walking out of her shop.


She took me over to the HTC display and showed me the one I could have. It looked…well it didn’t really, they’re sort of models so they don’t give you a good idea of how it can be used do they? But I said ‘Nice’ as it was HTC and it was a smartphone that I had my eye on.
First she offered 600 minutes and 600 texts and unlimited internet for £20 circa a month which is a superb offer but as I’m not a big user of the phone minutes I asked if there was a contract with fewer minutes available.

Well blow me if I walked out later with my brand new HTC which she very kindly set up for me (she knew in one glance it would take me forever) on a contract that’s just over £10 a month With Unlimited Internet.

I wondered if she got it wrong, she may get into massive trouble. Surely it cant’ be right? But I asked Mitch and she assured me it was correct and she had also added 60 minutes international calls so I can speak to my Tommy and my Megan on their free booster scheme!  So what can I say other than get down to see her at Bluewater and see what amazing offers she can come up with for you.

This is not a sponsored post, I am just over the moon that there are still excellent shop assistants out there who really can do there job so take note T Mobile and I don’t know Mitch other than she served me excellently that day.


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    Mari – What a great post and a great recommendation. I left a Vodafone store last week after waiting and waiting. The guys behind the desk seemed to be helping people but they didn’t have enough people on duty.

    In the end I had to leave and I’ve been putting off going back because I think it’s going to be a hassle and a headache. It’s wonderful to hear someone’s good experience.

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      It’s also very refreshing to find an assistant who really is good at her job and gave the perfect customer service which is so hard to find these days. We’re so quick to make catty remarks when the service is bad that I thought I’d do the opposite. :)

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    I had a great T mobile experience too recently.
    Similarly I was offered 600 mins and 600 texts and said I would never ever use them all.

    They blew my socks off and gave me a Samsung Galaxy Ace for £10 a month with a bolt on of 60 minutes to Ireland every month and unlimited internet.
    I did it by phone with T mobile customer services – been with them since 1995, when they were called… One I think… or something like that.

    Anyway, when the phone arrived by post/courier I couldn’t get on with the phone at all so left it to one side in its box, for the last few weeks, but on Cyber Eve was in a mad panic as I knew I would need Twitter on Saturday at Cybermummy and have never had it on my phone so me and my phone, my work phone and my phone in a box went into T mobile on Friday and the shop assistant got Twitter to work on it in seconds.

    I then started to USE my phone and I tell you what, I am LOVING it.
    I’d say it’s as good as an I phone (although I have never used one).
    Anyway I felt glamourous with it on Saturday and love it, and love having Twitter on the move.

    Liska xxx

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      I’m glad you had a positive experience too as that backs up my case and just for the record I got mine sorted out for Cybermummy too but didn’t tweet until I was on the train home!

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