Flashback Friday – Take That!

Only a short while ago my postman popped an envelope through my door containing my tickets for Take That, Wembly Stadium in July and it took all of my self control to stop myself running out and kissing him in gratitude and excitement. If anyone else was online that Friday back last year (when was it now?) you’ll know how difficult they were to get hold of. With the news that Robbie was back in the team the ticket websites went into meltdown and there was nothing to do other than hold on and keep trying. I did. I spent the entire morning at my PC, clicking over and over and over again willing the form to come up, sometimes it did too only to be lost as I clicked through to payment. How bloody frustrating. I nearly bashed my computer with my fists, I nearly pulled the wretched dongle apart and chucked it out of the window under a bus but I didn’t. I composed myself and put the PC away, I gave up. I went off to the kitchen to prepare the girls lunch miserable and frustrated.

Not one to give up so easily as the girls were eating, just out of curiosity see, I booted up and had a quick peek, Gordon bleedin’ Bennet, there was a space…I was in! Without further ado, I scanned the poor availability left and just went for Tuesday which seemed to be the least popular and before I knew it I was the proud owner of 3 Take That tickets! Just like that!

Where’s the flashback you may ask? Well here it is. This is me 4th July 2009 in a cowboy hat which I later gave to my niece so I’ll have to buy another one this year! I am at Wembly with Mikaela and Jo and we’re waiting for the men to come and sing their hearts out to us. We watched Lady Gaga who was as amazing as she was weird and the video which accompanied her set was a trifle uncomfortable in places to but that’s showbiz for you.

The lads arrived and from the first note we watched the most amazing gig ever. So much thought and attention had gone into their circus theme it was utterly mind blowing, you couldn’t tear your eyes off the stage for one second, in fact it would be fair to say you had to keep a real close look on all areas as everywhere there were circus acts unfolding before your very eyes. And when  they appeared on the elephant structure my heart leaped. The person who made it (I’m sure must have been inspried by the macrame elephant in the stage production of Lion King) was a genius.

So now I proudly sit with my 3 tickets in great anticipation of this years gig, will Robbie be there? There has been a lot of speculation and the odd comment released that would lead one to understand that maybe the waters aren’t so calm between the lads under the surface but I’ll tell you one thing, even if Mr Robbie Williams doesn’t make it, those men can pull off a brilliant show anyway and I would hate to see him come in and try to take the whole thing over as it’s not ‘his’ but all of theirs. This year it’s me, Mikaela, who incidentaly is preparing my lunch today, and Nicola and as I finish this post I can already feel the excitement building inside me. Bring it on! Tuesday 5th July this time – look at that coincidence if you will – are you going? Fancy a beer pre-gig?

A collage of pics from the 2009 concert

12 comments to Flashback Friday – Take That!

  • I am a HUGE Robbie fan and I did love Take That too, now I would say that I like Take That. I do remember clearly when I first saw them on TV. It was on a programme on Sky 1 called Cool Cube. I remember nothing about the programme. The boys sang in the studio and then showed the video where they are having a food fight in rather strange clothing. 1991 I think it was. Well done to the lads I say for still going strong. Enjoy the concert x

  • The Circus concert looked superb! Hope you enjoy this year’s as much…and I hope Robbie doesn’t try and steal the limelight if he is there!

  • OOohhhhh I’m so envious! I would LOVE to see the boys! I once saw Jason Orange sitting at a cafe chatting to some girl (last summer mind you…) and I nearly passed out.

    I can’t wait to see what hat you wear this year…give us the full play-by-play. It should be amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this for Flashback Friday! ;)


  • Jenny Paulin

    I haven’t received my tickets yet! Mind you not sure I can o yet with a baby.I saw the Circus Tour at Cardiff and it was Amaaaazing also saw them 2 years before at the O2 arena also fab! Love them!
    Great flashback :)

  • I saw the Circus Tour at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. It was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute.

  • alysonsblog

    oooo Im going to… I just CANT WAIT

  • Raw Thoughts And Feelings

    Oh have all the fun this year too, and make another wonderful collage for us to see. I’m excited for you.

  • you sad sad woman you…..enjoy

  • Love your collage and hope you will have fun! I am going to see Bon Jovi in July and am equally excited!!

  • SAHMlovingit

    I’m glad you got your tickets – my hubby was heavily involved in getting them to your door so maybe you would like to kiss him? ;-)

    I was supposed to be going but we are off to Italy instead (I had to sacrifice it for the date change).

    That’s a great collage and great memories. I used to be a HUGE Robbie fan but he’s lost the plot and I think Robbie and Take That have all sold out by reuniting. I really hope Robbie doesn’t cock it up for them and try and be the centre of attention.

    Have an amazing time and can’t wait to see your pics xx

    • You are married to the Angel Gabriel? Amazing! Please kiss him from me and my two friends ;)

      I’m looking forward to the concert atmosphere as much as seeing the boys and I’m VERY curious as to what antics Robbie will get up to…watch this space

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