Skipping ropes – John Crane

I’m back!!!!! Did you miss me? :D We had a lovely long weekend in Cornwall thanks to the Royal couple who gave Great Britain an extra day off – how sweet of them and didn’t she look devine? Of course you’ve all heard about my own Alexander McQueen piece as I told you about it here. More of Cornwall later, today a video of the girls as they try their hands at the new toys sent along by John Crane to try out….skipping ropes and recorders much to the delight of our neighbours. Aren’t you glad you don’t live nextdoor?

I think you may agree that although the skipping ropes are gorgeous the girls will need a lot of practising until they get the hand of them but it’s so funny to watch them try whereas the recorders they seem to have pretty much a brilliant idea on how they work, I just need to teach them a new note or two….

Right I’m off to sort out the holiday aftermath, shop, wash, vacuum, clean, scrub, iron and mustn’t forget to water the plants. Have a brilliant day and Happy Birthday to my Paul who still hasn’t reached 40!!!

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