Twin birth story

I have popped over directly to Twinhappy to check out the Twin Tuesday question of the week and today she’s asking about Birth order and Is there a dominant twin?

Well Alice came first as she was lying lowest in me and 1 minute later, Bessie was pulled out. They were born by caesarean even though it was supposed to be a natural birth, the little porkers had put so much weight on that they were locked high up inside and neither could descend into the birth canal so I am scarred for life.

As for dominant twin, my first guess would be to say Bessie. She is the loudest and quickest. She’ll grab a toy out of Alice’s hand if she wants it and should Alice try to prevent her, she will yell loudly in her face and tug hard until Alice gives up. Nice eh?

Alice though the quieter of the two is the more thoughtful, the more cautious and I think the more astute in as much as she will really concentrate on any given task whereas Bessie the bruiser if it doesn’t capture her attention quickly will drop it and move on.

Bessie is the giggler of the two, often instigating a laughing session, she is a quick thinker and finds fun in most scenarios. Alice on the other hand I think would be a very serious child if her sister wasn’t around to make her laugh so much. We had to ‘teach’ Alice to be tickled as at first, she just didn’t get it.

Tying in with this post I’m adding my Lesson 1 of the Creative Writing course, by dotterel who you can find at Bringing up Charlie. For the first lesson which you can find here free of charge you had to think of an important moment in your life and describe it in a list of words, from that the next step was to write it.

I chose my twin birth story.

Please remember this is an unedited piece of work as that comes later – enjoy


operating theatre


twin babies

team of staff

green shield

spinal block

fear of pain

fear of something going wrong

Paul by my side

his trousers way to big

he is panicking

calm him

midwives with twin 1

Alice – ugly!!!

purple and squashed

she cries, sigh of relief

not over yet

second baby – twin 2 – Bessie,

Ugly!!! lots of black hair, eyes squeezed shut

she cries, another sigh of relief

one thing left to do

close up my gut

anaesthetist tells me they’re counting out the instruments

All instruments found, none left inside me

I can relax

It’s all over

Paul holds one twin

I am a mother of girl twins


7am – I had been in labour since 9pm the previous evening, well having contractions strong enough and regular enough to be classed as labour. I had also had 3 inductions over the previous 48 hours all of which I had failed to respond to. the fact was the girls were not in any hurry to leave their cosy womb.

Even with my waters broken they were tucked up high inside me locked in a jigsaw that prevented any downward movement

I was fine. I’d accepted the offered epidural as “You just never know with twins” but Paul was tired having been awake all night.

The final verdict came – caesarian – and that’s how I found myself in an operating theatre on a table looking up at the huge lamps they use.

The team of staff were buzzing around the room getting everything ready, I could hear them more than see them as I had a green surgical cloth draped in front of me preventing me seeing anything from the neck down; not that I wanted to.

The anaesthetist, a quiet studious man, the same who had applied the epidural was ‘topping me up’ to a spinal block. He was testing my sense of pain to make sure I was amply covered.

I was frightened, I was scared I would feel something. I was worried the surgeon might do something wrong, I was terrified that my girls, who I had successfully carried for 38 plus weeks would suffer.

Would something go wrong?

What if? What if? What if?

Paul was sitting by my left shoulder hiding behind my green screen with me. He made it very clear he didn’t want to see anything, he’d almost feinted earlier when assisting me during the epidural!

I laughed with him as the theatre trousers they’d handed him were enormous and he had a certain Holby City look about him.

Paul was panicking too and this allowed me to leave my worries and look to him for togetherness.

Everything was very quiet and I was surprised when twin 1 – Alice was shown around the screen.

Ugly! The midwife took her away to dress her and I heard the tiniest cry over the other side of the room and I smiled with relief, one down one to go.

The baby didn’t look like a baby. she was ugly. How could I possibly love something o ugly? She was purple and blood red, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and she had a black hairy forehead. She was my baby and I would love her.

My attention turned to the major abdominal operation at hand, I wasn’t in the clear yet, there was unfinished work to do.

Suddenly twin 2 – Bessie was shown around the screen. ‘Oh Gawd, she’s ugly too!’ and exactly the same as her sister! How would I tell the difference?

I heard another pretty little squeak and my heart was assured we were going to be ok. At least the girls were here safely. I had been praying for this since my first induction gel two days ago and my prayers had been answered.

The anaesthetist pointed out to me the surgeon’s assistants counting. they were counting all of the instruments they’d used. Another thing to worry about! ‘Oh make sure they get everything out of me’ I thought, swabs as well.

The midwives, one for each baby, came over to us and offered the girls to Paul, he only took one of them in his arms too petrified to take both yet.

He had tears of joy in his eyes and I was the happiest woman in the world. I had a wonderful happy man and two healthy twins to get to know.

Unedited as requested

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