Trying to conceive and over 40: 24/10/06 (Babyworld diaries)

I’m not so positive today. Could it be the miserable weather?

Basically DP and I took the decision a year ago to TTC, we’d been together for a year and got on really well (still do) and as time was/is marching on we’d thought it would take a while anyway so why not give it a go?

And that’s what we did, the first months I was quite happy to not fall pregnant immediately as I’d been on the pill for a while and they say your body needs a good three months to prepare but come January I was getting more and more upset and starting to think ‘Oh my God, it’s not going to happen’.

So you can imagine our joy when we were in Italy last year and I found out I was pregnant! We were there for my Tommy’s 18th b’day and at the same time celebrating a new life.
Only now I find myself fretting over it all and wanting an immediate prgnancy to make up for my lost one. I’m talking about this a lot because it is constantly on my mind.
I undid the packaging on my new digital OPK last night just to run through the rules and regs. Today is day 6, so first bd is day 8 and testing starts on day 10.
I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed as I know so many others are on this board.


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