Easter Egg Treasure Hunt >> download

We are all raring to go here as Waitrose very kindly sent us a fabulous Easter Egg Treasure Hunt kit including a downloadable questions and answers for you to do the same with your children. There’s something more exciting about hunting down your Easter goodies and a few minutes spent hiding Easter Eggs for the children to find on Easter Sunday can make the perfect start to a fun family day.

Children's Easter Treasure Hunt

Childrens-easter-game-final Click the image or this link and print off (answers are also included on a second page)

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt questions and answers

There are two ways to play the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

1. Choose a trail to follow and accompany the children around the stopping points. At each point ask the question, the answer should be hidden closeby with an Easter treat. Move on around the trail until all the questions have been answered and the treats collected

2. Hide both the question and answer, ask the children to find them and then match the right answers to the correct questions, each correct match gets an Easter treat.

What you will need

Some wet wipes
Easter Treats
A sense of adventure
An Easter basket to collect the treats

Ideas for treats to hide:

Small foil wrapped Easter eggs
small packets of Easter sweets
yellow chicks
bunny rabbits, or ears or rabbit related ideas
colouring books and pens
reading books

Waitrose have a fabulous selection of Eggs for all of the family including a box of mini eggs perfect for treasure hunt.

Whichever option you decide the children are bound to have fun searching for the treats/clues. 

Have a wonderful Easter x

Legoland Windsor Pirate Shores Ahoy!

legoland windsor

LEGOLAND have revamped their very popular Pirate Shores area for 2014 and we were invited along on Sunday to take a look and report back on our findings. If you’re planning a visit soon make sure you read our Top Tips first to make the most of your day

legoland windsor pirates

Pirate Shores

Pirate Shores has two main rides, Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest, you WILL get wet but there are dryers at the entrance to the ride which cost £2 and the Jolly Rocker which the girls enjoyed so much they went on it three times during the day. Check Legoland Windsor for height restrictions

legoland windsor jolly rocker

We weren’t able to check out the Castaway Camp and the Enchanted Forest as the bad weather this winter had delayed work but a peek through the building enclosure revealed an amazing play area that children are going to love, it’s due to open by May 2014 so keep an eye out for it.

legoland windsor pirate falls

For an additional charge the children can pan for gold at the Pirate’s Goldwash.

There are also a couple of restaurants, The Burger Kitchen and The Pirate BBQ all selling hot food and drinks.

Knights’ Kingdom

A short walk from Pirates Shores is Knights Kingdom another favourite LEGOLAND area of the girls. Check the pavements for dragon footprints and horseshoe marks left from the knights.

legoland windsor knights kingdom


There are three rides in this area the much loved The Dragon a mini roller coaster parting and arriving from the castle. Knights Quest a kind of runaway train on a very bumpy track and Dragon’s Apprentice a mini roller coaster which runs twice around the track.

The Land of the Vikings

A short walk from the Knights Kingdom and you’re in the Land of the Vikings with Viking Games at additional cost but included in your ticket another 4 rides the amazing Vikings’ River Splash (you will get wet on this one), Loki’s Labyrinth, Longboat Invader and the Spinning Spider 

legoland windsor spinning spider


Lego City

This is an area well worth a visit and an ‘appointment’ in your schedule as there is a fantastic Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show on throughout the day, it’s very entertaining and the children love it, a top tip would be to arrive early and sit on the top of the auditorium for a better view, also make note of the splash zone if you don’t want to get wet during the fun and games ;) We viewed this at midday and it takes about half an hour after which we ate at the City Walk Pizza and Pasta restaurant.

legoland windsor pirates stunt show

City Walk Pizza and Pasta restaurant

legoland windsor city walk pizza and pasta

Excellent value for money, adults £11.95 and children £5.95 for all you can eat. It’s a buffet and you are taken to your table where the waiter/ess hands over plates, cutlery and all the necessities for your meal then you go and help yourselves to salad, pizzas and pasta (there’s only one pasta and it’s Bolognese) You can refill your cups with fizzy drinks or soft drinks as many times as you want too. Don’t forget the children get a Legoland badge each with their meal and can swop them around the park with others from staff or guests (something of a hit with the kids)

legoland orient expedition

Also in Lego City is the arrival and departure of the Orient Expedition, a short train ride around the grounds with lots of fabulous Lego creations of animals to look at as you go, a good one for calming tired children down, there are a couple of water squirters at the beginning of the ride ;)

Digger Challenge was a bit of a tricky game for us as there are two handles to operate on the diggers and it takes a while to get the hang of by which time your told game over! However the kids love it.

L Traffic

What could possibly be more exciting than driving your own car on proper roads with traffic lights, Stop signs and everything kids see on our roads? The Driving School is for children aged 6 – 12

legoland windsor driving school

Kingdom of the Pharaohs

Laser Raiders is the ride inside the building, four people to a car which follows a track in the darkened caves, each person has a laser gun and as you ride you will find lights to shoot at, if you hit the light your gun makes a noise and your score is recorded, we all loved this ride and got very competitive.

Duplo Valley Splash & Play

We were able to visit Duplo Valley at the opening last year and the girls loved it Brickville is a fantastic play area that if you are tired and need a rest, this is the place to stop, there are plenty of structures to play on and it’s in a cordoned off area.

legoland windsor duplo valley

Also there are some great rides especially for the smaller children including Fairytale Brook, a boat takes you around the brook and you are greeted by your favourite fairy tale characters from the story books, a huge hit with our twins.

legoland windsor fairytale brook


There are a lot more areas to discover and before you go make sure you read my LEGOLAND Top Tips post so you’re prepared for the Best Day Out Ever. #Fact

Disclosure: We were invited to spend a day out at LEGOLAND to see the new Pirate Shores area

Banana and walnut teabread

banana and walnut teabread

After our recent Butlins long weekend away I returned to find all the bananas in the fruit bowl looking very mottled indeed, husband won’t take them into work if they’ve started to turn as the journey mashes them up too much and the girls don’t like the look of them so I have [...]

Mayoral – very cool Spanish clothes for kids

mayoral girls

Just before school broke up we were invited over to our local Bluewater to visit Mayoral. I hadn’t heard of it before but a quick look online revealed some really gorgeous clothes for kids.

Here’s a little information on the back ground of mayoral I found on their website

In 2011, Mayoral celebrated [...]

Review: Thornton’s Easter Eggs – Plus Discount codes

How many eggs do you buy for Easter? One per child? Just your own children or do you extend to nieces and nephews too? Do you buy an egg for your mum, gran, sister or husband? Do you buy a cheeky one for yourself as well? It is tempting isn’t it?

Thorntons got in [...]

Caribbean fish parcels recipe – slow cooker

Caribbean fish parcels

The first time I saw a fish parcel recipe was in Italy, the chef would prepare trays and trays of trota salmonata for the guests including potatoes and other vegetables in the parcels for taste but also as a side. 

Caribbean Fish parcels are my take on that, you can use foil as [...]

Skips Crossword Puzzles for kids

skips crossmaths

Easter holidays and isn’t it lovely to watch the children play without a care in the world? I daren’t reprimand them for a messy room of an evening when I can see they have clearly had loads of fun playing with their toys, we’re making it part of our day to tidy up [...]

Mummy, is God real? – Easter chats

buffalo tiger


The photo above was taken on a trip to Florida in 2006, the gentleman I am with is Buffalo Tiger, the leader of the Miccosukee nation in Florida between the mid 1950′s and the early 1970′s. He now runs an airboat tour company in the Florida Everglades

First you are to think always [...]

Inheritance – Sharon Moalem – genes and how we can change them.

inheritance - sharon moalem

‘It’s in his genes’  

‘I’m probably going to get cancer/diabetes/add your own illness as it runs in my family’

These common phrases would make you think that our genetic make up is fixed at conception and we’re stuck with it right? Well Dr Sharon Moalem has discovered differently and his new book opens [...]

Banoffee Cheesecake

banoffee cheesecake

I tried my first Banoffee Pie as a teen and loved it immediately, mum had found the recipe and made it for a summer pudding, needless to say the plate was licked clean and it became a family favourite … actually it still is and luckily these days you can buy the caramel [...]