Home Sweet Home – #GreatBritishHome Challenge

‘Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.’ beautiful song by Paul Young which I listened to over and over again in the 80′s which ties in very well with yesterday’s 80′s fashion blog post I’m not sure I’m so flighty these days, my home is the house we’ve been living in for the past three years now and to make it a home is an ongoing process which sometimes seems never ending but 

I love my home.

It’s the place where I spend my best time with my favourite people. It’s the place I collect my treasures, some I display proudly for the world to see, others are just for me, maybe in a cupboard or a drawer but looking at them brings back instant fun memories.

random crap


It’s the place I decide how it looks, husband has a bit of input too but he usually goes along with what I’m thinking, if it was for him he’d quite happily live with the walls and flooring we inherited from the previous owners but there’s something about ‘Putting your stamp on’ that excites me, it’s the getting it done that’s a drag.

decorating hall

I want my home to be inviting so whoever walks in through the door feels at home, they can kick their shoes off if they wish or keep them on – I’m not a stickler on that rule plus I have wooden floors downstairs which makes it much easier to keep clean.


The Victoria Plumb quiz I had a go at which decided I am a glamour puss and TOWIE girl through and through made me laugh at first but there is an element of truth in that.

I cannot deny I like beauty, I love looking at beautiful things, owning beautiful things and surrounding myself in a beautiful environment. Sometimes my desire for beauty is way out of my pay packet so I try to achieve the look as best I can but I am a learner, an interior designer in the making *ahem* but if not a future Kelly Hoppen then maybe a good homemaker will do.

watering flowers in the garden


I find the one thing against me and my dreams of a beautiful home is time and DIY skills, ok that’s two things. This year we have already completed the guest room and are currently working on the hallway, possibly the biggest ‘room’ which isn’t a room, I just need to finish painting the woodwork and there’s masses of it – 8 doors and a wooden staircase. Plus it’s taking THREE coats, I am so tempted to get a painter in to finish the job I can tell you. This is the bit I have done though – carefully photographed leaving the unpainted door out of sight ;)

hall makeover project

Our biggest job will be opening up downstairs. This will need fitting a new bathroom and a new kitchen too, if I can get the plans passed a utility room for the washing machine and the dishwasher, the ironing basket and all manner of randomness. There will be sliding doors onto the patio which will make another outdoor living area too, I can’t wait for this particular dream to come true as it will change how we live offering much more interaction whilst I am cooking too, I can keep an eye on the girls doing their homework – multitask!

So my #GreatBritishHome is an ongoing labour of love, a work in progress and now I must leave you to go and paint another coat of white on my woodwork.

Disclosure: This post is an entry for the #GreatBritishHome Challenge sponsored by Victoria Plumb, a source of quality bathrooms for every type of home. Take its “What’s Your Celebrity Home Style?” quiz to discover what your home says about you. 



Fashion of the 80s

I’ve looked on with mild amusement at the ‘new collections’ coming out the past couple of seasons as it has a very familiar feel to it, if I hadn’t been so keen on clearing out and making way for the new I would have lots of articles that I could wear today and be spot on trend.

For example my vintage Stirling Cooper blouse I was talking about a few years ago.

stirling cooper blouse


Fashion of the 80s was a very busy time in fashion and music and one that I fell in love with instantly. It was the era I turned from a child into a teen and  like many of my friends at the time it was all about the Hit Parade and what was for sale in the shops and the market. Both music and film influenced us, below is a few of the ways in which we liked to dress


The massive hit from the film Grease ‘You’re the one that I want,’  saw hundreds of us run out and spend our pocket money on skintight trousers and bomber jackets to be just like Sandy. The look was finished off with huge hoop gold earrings and high heels if your mother would allow you. Sandy of Grease aka Olivia Newton John also has to answer for a hell of a lot of bad perms back then.

Grease revival Zalando 80's fashion


The UK style was also following a Two Tone era, the music also known as Ska. Favourite bands of mine included Madness, The Specials and Bad Manners. The fashion was heavily influenced with the geometric black and white and the men dressed in suits which shone two colours depending where you stood in the light and a trilby hat… they were very smart.

two tone bands 80s music

There was a strong punk scene still influencing us and bands like Blondie, The Clash and The Stranglers were amongst my favourites. Martha and the Muffins who sang Echo Beach is still one of my top all time songs. A lot of t shirts with band’s name on appeared, jeans – some bleached whilst sitting in the bath, tartan and spiky coloured hair dos were the name of the game.

New Wave music was another of my favourites and included bands like Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, The The and The Cure. The fashion that accompanied these groups was more of your Dandy highway man as Adam and the Ants sang or the Pirate look that Vivienne Westwood created. The New Romantic look, frilled shirts (take note of early Lady Di blouses) and an early goth influence with LOTS of black eyeliner.

Dandy Highway man - Zalando

There was more, 10 years is a long time in the world of fashion, films like Valley Girl and Flashdance saw the birth of legwarmers, mini skirts worn with leggings and headbands. Joan Collins and Dynasty gave birth to Power Dressing famous for high heels and shoulder pads. Miami Vice saw men wear t shirts under suit jackets and then there was Madonna but she deserves a whole new blog post.

Disclosure: A partnered post with Zalando who asked me to write about 80s fashion!


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